The right fit

First of all, you need a safety shower provider that will give you solutions, not run-of-the-mill equipment. You need to trust the safety shower company team enough to tell them what your problems are and why you need a resolution.

Your problems

Do you need to bring your emergency safety showers into compliance?

— All ATS safety showers meet the strictest government standards, and in some cases are the only products on the market to do so.

Do you need a shower that will fit into a smaller-than-average space?

— The modular FlexFit safety shower from ATS will go where other showers will not. Its custom, flexible safety shower feed systems and shower/eyewash components allow it to fit into unusual spaces.

Do you need a tank shower that doesn’t require a foundation?

— ATS engineers developed an above-ground, reinforced foundation for a tank-fed shower that meets seismic and wind-load requirements, not just in the U.S. but in 90 percent of worldwide sites.

Do you need a mobile shower unit? 

Would you rather rent a shower, and have someone else do maintenance?

— ATS’s Safety Rig is a mobile shower with patent-pending innovations including dual electric/pneumatic pump capability, waste water containment within the trailer frame, shop air pump capability, dressing area and more. The Safety Rig safety shower trailer is available for purchase, or as a rental with full maintenance services.

ATS’s team of engineers and safety experts have spent years working with industry safety leaders to develop the best safety shower solutions, resulting in the ShieldSafe line of emergency showers.

Our people

For years, people in the oil and gas industry have trusted the people at ATS enough to come to them with problems and ask for solutions. The team listens, adapts products and invents new equipment to resolve the issues.

When a refinery had a corrosive chemicals accident and leaders there realized they needed a different safety shower, one that could fit an injured worker and aid responders, they came to ATS. When another customer needed a safety shower that would fit into an elevator, through a narrow doorway and into a room with eight-foot ceilings, leaders came to ATS. When refineries need safety showers made with the most durable materials, that they can trust will perform in an emergency, they come to ATS.

In business, you want to work with people who will tell you what you need to know, and who will work with you to find solutions. Leaders in the oil and gas industry trust the people at ATS to solve their problems.

ATS has built its reputation on its ability to adapt the safety shower market. Its team of honest, hard-working people will give you the best service and provide the best, most cost-effective products on the market. You’ll like doing business with us.