ATS collaborates with its clients to solve problems and create positive business outcomes. Its global services provide industries and municipalities with clean, safe water solutions.


Alpine Technical Services (ATS) uses innovative methods and revolutionary products to solve issues with waterways and water treatment. We partner with our customers and provide the expertise, experience, technology and program management capabilities for large-scale clean drinking water and wastewater projects.

Founded in 1979, ATS excels in employing industry-best practices and protocols for treating ultrapure water systems, industrial water, wastewater and municipal drinking water, using water optimization and recovery systems along with innovative chemistry and equipment. And we have the expertise to support all our clients.



ATS provides best-in-class, customizable and compliant safety showers that will protect your employees. Our ShieldSafe product line meets the strictest government safety regulations and standards. Our mission is to find innovative solutions for your safety shower problems. 

ShieldSafe safety showers are created and backed by the most innovative, problem-solving team in the industry. The resulting products are safer, longer-lasting, and more cost effective—making ShieldSafe the smartest choice for both business and safety. Our specialists are ready to help in any safety shower situation, whether it’s an emergency trailer delivery or a long-term design and buildout.



ATS is a full-service chemical provider for slop oil treatment and demulsification, specializing in salt water disposal, completion and well chemical programs. We develop long-term relationships with our customers that reduce labor costs, increase production and provide additional revenue to your operation.These services can save oil companies up to 25 percent on saltwater disposal chemistry costs.

ATS’s experts know how to separate oil from water, thus optimizing revenue from oil sales. All this is done while treating and disposing of wastewater safely and economically. Our programs will reduce your annual spend while squeezing as much oil as possible out of your production liquids and generating revenue. 

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