ATS is a leading chemical provider for the oil and gas and water-treatment industries. We solve our customers’ most-pressing needs and issues by providing lifecycle management and comprehensive solutions, including a full line of water treatment equipment and chemicals as well as safety shower and eyewash solutions for heavy industries.

Since 1979, Alpine has provided innovative solutions for the world’s water, chemical and safety needs. The ATS team has extensive expertise in ultra-pure water systems, industrial water processes, municipal water and wastewater treatment, new construction and closed systems, water optimization, and recovery systems.

ATS uses applied technology and chemical science to deliver safe, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that produce cost-effective and outstanding results and outcomes for our customers.


ATS’s top priority is to create safe environments for employees and individuals worldwide. ShieldSafe safety showers provide a safe retreat when employees have been exposed to harmful chemicals. Our Specialty Chemical divisions provide safe, healthy drinking water not only in the U.S., but to developing countries around the world. These solutions save lives, increase productivity, and result in smart business outcomes for both corporations and governments.


ATS thrives on solving problems for our customers. We use our proven methodology and technology and look at new ways to solve unanswered issues for our customers. Because of our vast experience and expertise, our customers have come to ATS to solve their toughest problems, and we in turn have incorporated these unique solutions into every ATS line of business. We provide our customers with the most innovative ideas and solutions in their industries.


ATS provides outstanding solutions. In order to provide world-class solutions, we have acquired the industry’s brightest minds and provided them with best-in-class technology and products. This combination provides our customers with the desired results they want and need to perform. Our team of experts will never pitch you a product or boilerplate solution so they can make a sale and move on to the next opportunity. We know that true performance comes from careful listening and applying our years of experience and expertise to find the correct products and procedures that solve your unique problems.


We are responsible partners. We provide our customers with sustainable, proven, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions. ATS always puts our commercial customers and their customers (end customers) and the environment first. Our commitment always is to protect our environment, by implementing long-term clean water solutions for generations to come.

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