Today’s “Speaking on Business” coverage should be the first of many noteworthy developments for us at Alpine Technical Services (ATS).

Although water is relatively inexpensive, it can be priceless if tainted or in short supply. ATS is interested in providing solutions for a safer environment and better world. As a private, family-owned business, we are making investments in people and resources to provide even better safety and water treatment solutions to clients.

In addition to the accolade referenced in today’s “Speaking on Business” piece about joining “the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.”, ATS has achieved other noteworthy milestones and has plans to scale operations significantly. A recent press release covered by Yahoo finance illustrates this point:

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For example, ATS has partnered with Showers and Eyebaths to provide the first CSA-certified (CPL-listed) solution for high-end safety showers that can serve even the most rigorous environmental locations (such as the Andes Mountains, a power plant in Brazil, or a platform in the middle of the North Sea). The company is also the premier provider of tank-fed units that can deliver tepid water immediately to rinse and protect eyes, hair and skin from chemical contamination…..


Furthermore, we are currently expanding our focus to address water purification for rural municipalities, in particular. Of the 26,696 rural water districts that comprise 94 percent of the U.S.’ community water supply, the vast majority are unaddressed or underserved. We at ATS are providing a cutting-edge polymer solution that is more advanced than earlier alternatives in its ability to provide purification in a safer way and with lower toxicity. This solution will benefit our waterways. Lastly, we are in the process of building a new and expanded headquarters in Midvale, Utah and will add commensurate talent along the way.

Our company is dedicated to providing an increasingly larger spectrum of technology and bioscience solutions to answer the needs for cleaner water, safer manufacturing environments and more effective solutions towards the creation of a safer environment and better world.