An industrial site in California needed safety showers — the problem was that the showers would need to ride up to the location in an elevator, go through a narrow doorway and be installed in a room with eight-foot ceilings. The generic, one-size-fits-all showers on the market wouldn’t work, so the problem-solving team at ATS came up with a solution: the modular ShieldSafe cubicle shower, called FlexFit. Its custom, flexible safety shower feed systems and shower/eyewash components allow it to fit into unusual spaces. The ATS team has incorporated solutions like this into the ShieldSafe safety showers, and the result is that companies don’t have to sacrifice location, safety, quality, or compliance to state and federal regulations.


You can’t sacrifice safety at your refinery or other industrial sites; your employees depend on you to have the best, up-to-date safety showers and the government requires you to comply with all mandated regulations.

Because ATS partners with refinery safety engineers to solve industry problems, the result is the safest and best safety showers on the market — ShieldSafe. The Fortress safety shower, designed in collaboration with safety engineers after a chemicals accident, is accessible from three directions and has room inside for several people to assist an injured worker. And it can be configured to assist more than one injured employee at a time.

ShieldSafe showers can be Assembly Certified, which means every component of these showers is certified by an OSHA-approved testing lab, and then the entire unit, as an assembly, is certified.

Don’t sacrifice safety with a conventional safety shower. Make your work site, and your employees, safer with ShieldSafe.

Longer lasting

ShieldSafe safety showers are made with the highest quality materials, and you can trust that they’ll work perfectly every time they’re needed. With stainless-steel frames, valves and fittings, these showers are made to stand up to extreme elements. Some models can withstand hurricane-force winds.

Durability is important when your work sites are exposed to extreme weather conditions — and durability matters when you depend on safety showers to protect your employees.

Cost effective

Using durable, quality materials means ShieldSafe showers are a cost-effective solution for your company. Long-lasting materials mean lower maintenance costs. ShieldSafe safety showers also are easy to update or adapt, so you don’t have to replace an expensive and mandatory piece of safety equipment every time a government agency comes out with a new regulation.

A Cost-Effective Maintenance Plan 

And if you’d rather not be saddled with the effort of maintaining your safety showers, ATS offers a cost-effective maintenance plan with bi-annual checkups, flushing to meet code, water stabilizing renewals for safe water and reasonable ANSI updates of equipment. Showers on this plan are completely owned and maintained by ATS.

The ShieldSafe Safety Rig is a best-in-class, compliant mobile safety shower/eyewash that can go into remote areas and be easily and quickly moved as needed. The Safety Rig safety shower trailer can be purchased or rented from ATS, with full maintenance services. It features patent-pending innovations and is available for purchase, or as a rental with full maintenance services.

Made with quality and long-lasting materials, ShieldSafe safety showers are a cost-effective way to keep your employees safe.

Safer, longer-lasting and cost-effective — ShieldSafe safety showers are a smart choice for your business and employees. The ATS team is ready to help solve the safety shower problems at your work site.