Due to increases in business costs and the recent decrease in crude oil prices, it is ever more critical to seek opportunities to reduce operational costs and resolve with day-to-day processing issues. This Utah SWD customer contacted ATS requesting assistance with reduction of their annual spend for treatment chemistries.

ATS took this request a step further and introduced its Cross-Functional Customized Facility (CFCF) Treatment Program. This exclusive offering from ATS includes:

  1. Site survey to determine what processing / production problems the customer is experiencing.
  2. Study the difficult types of slop oil the customer is receiving.
  3. Evaluate best utilization of existing treatment equipment.
  4. Develop an improved and comprehensive chemical treatment plan.

Armed with this CFCF data, ATS was able to perform intensive lab bench-testing, and identified the most robust chemistries to improve the process operation window for each stage of the overall process. In addition, ATS looked at upstream and downstream processes, equipment and chemistry, all to assure each selected chemistry was synergistic and compatible with both pre- and post- treatment processes. After the desired chemistries and polymer (ATS-2580-H) were selected, they were tested on-location in a controlled manner. Data was collected while monitoring downstream effects due to the process change.

Treatment goal were achieved and downstream data demonstrates ongoing success!