We’ve had comments and requests from several customers over recent months about Mini-Bulk benefits when it comes to storing corrosive chemicals such as caustic soda and various acids.  At first we thought this was a passing fad, but further investigation shows some obvious traction in today’s chemical world.  The most obvious benefit we found was not worrying about the chemical itself being handled so much and so often as is required with the usual containers like 55 gal drums and totes or IBC units.  We have discussed Mini-Bulk with many companies over several months and have ranked the candid comments of our customers based on how often we heard the comment plus how the customer weighted the benefit in relation to the various benefits taken as a whole.

  1. It sure beats moving totes and drums around the yard (plant).
  2. Fire Marshal felt much more comfortable because of the secondary containment tank and the fact that is met the code.
  3. Not sure the cost is worth it.  We don’t use that much corrosive chemistry and it looks like we’re actually “buying” a storage tank.
  4. Our girls hate container deposits because they are an accounting nightmare, and the chemical supplier always makes mistakes in tracking deposits, so we lose money — this Mini-Bulk thing eliminates deposits.
  5. Safety is a top priority at our company, and Mini-Bulk improves our overall safety and our employees appreciate the “scrubber” unit attached to the Hydrochloric Acid Mini-Bulk tank because they no longer have to deal with the fumes.
  6. Mini-Bulk supply of Sulfuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) is great because it’s like a “well that never runs dry” and we don’t run out of product like we did with drums.
  7. The level indicator is easy to read and keeps us aware of inventory on hand and re-order time.
  8. My pump never loses suction.  With my feed pump stuck into a 55-gal drum, I always had to re-prime the pump when the drum went empty.
  9. With Mini-Bulk I worry less about the health and safety of my workers.  I only wish they could provide this for Nitric Acid.
  10. We stopped using one of the hazardous chemicals stored in a Mini-Bulk tank, but it took the company 6 months to come and pick it up.  Good service while we were using the product, but no hurry to get the unneeded tank out of my way.

These are the comments we received in a very recent and unofficial but informative site survey with companies in our area who have experienced Mini-Bulk supply from various local vendors.