When Washington State updated its standards for safety showers to the Assembly-Certified requirement, a refinery in the state started looking around for a company that made safety showers that would meet the new terms. There were none. So the refinery contracted with ATS to start producing showers that would meet the new, stricter regulations as well as OSHA and ANSI standards. ATS’s line of ShieldSafe custom safety showers are created and backed by the most innovative, responsive and problem-solving engineering team in the industry.

Influenced by customers

ATS’s engineering team develops its products based on customers’ needs. Like the Washington refinery, another customer came to ATS with a problem to solve — it needed refinery safety showers that would be big enough for an injured worker and first responders to fit inside, along with multiple entrances. The team of engineers took the problem and solved it with the new Fortress shower, which is accessible from three directions and has enough space inside for several people to help a severely injured worker. It also can be configured to assist more than one injured worker at a time. The ShieldSafe safety showers are designed to meet customers’ unique needs.

Innovative solutions

Locations where there’s nowhere to safely (or affordably) dig, rooms with low ceilings, sites with no potable water — oil refineries with these conditions are still required to have safety showers, so ATS engineers developed innovative solutions to help them. The ShieldSafe showers also are easily updated or adapted, so they don’t have to be replaced every time the government comes out with new regulations.

No digging: ATS’s gravity-fed, self-contained safety showers have an option for a patent-pending, above grade foundation to eliminate the hazard and expense of excavating foundations for tank-fed safety showers.

Low ceilings or doorways: The FlexFit safety shower is perfect for laboratories and other sites where standard-sized safety shower cubicles won’t fit.

No potable water: The Tower showers are the answer for low-flow or no potable water situations. They can be engineered to store shower water in a variety of places with a remote tank and self-contained safety shower options.

ATS engineers used innovative safety shower solutions in designing the ShieldSafe products, which are tailored to refinery use.

Tailored to work

Conditions at oil refineries aren’t always perfect—or even stationary—and the safety showers you choose for those sites need to fit your requirements.

When your work sites are temporary or move around regularly, ATS’s mobile Safety Rig will solve your problems. It was designed by engineers that create high-end, specialty trailer designs for NASA. The Safety Rig includes dual electric/pneumatic pump capability, waste water containment within the trailer frame, shop air pump capability, a dressing area, and more. Not only that–it’s built to military standards and meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements. It’s available for purchase or rental, with full maintenance services included for your peace of mind.

If your work sites are in extreme weather conditions, ShieldSafe products are made with stainless steel frames, valves and fittings. Some can even withstand hurricane-force winds. Whether your work sites moves around or is in the middle of a hurricane zone, there’s a ShieldSafe safety shower product that’s tailored to work for you.

Problem-solving engineers at ATS listened to the needs of their customers and designed the most innovative safety showers on the market. Refineries have unique conditions, and ShieldSafe safety showers have customizable features to fit.