Getting under a drenching water stream seconds after a corrosive chemicals accident is crucial for recovery. Did you know that ANSI safety standards require a minimum of a 15-minute drench shower? The drench protects workers from permanent damage, and makes sure that all the dangerous substance is washed from clothing and skin. You need a safety shower that you know is made of the highest-quality materials, has been through the most rigorous safety testing and meets the strictest safety standards.

Water flow

Protecting your employees in the event of an accident is a top priority. When a safety shower works properly, water is flowing from the nozzle at a rate of 20 gallons per minute. The flow rate allows the injured worker to be drenched, diluting chemicals and irrigating the eyes and skin.

Having safety showers that perform according to safety standards will protect your employees in an accident.

Quality materials

Safety showers, made of the highest quality materials, mean they will perform as designed in an accident.

ATS’s line of ShieldSafe safety showers are made with durable, quality materials. Many of the products are built with stainless steel frames, valves and fittings; some of the products are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds.

These quality parts mean lower maintenance costs and longer-lasting, more reliable safety showers. Your employees need showers that will protect them.

Safety standards

ShieldSafe safety showers undergo the most rigorous testing available. They meet all OSHA requirements and ANSI safety shower standards.

ShieldSafe safety showers are the only products on the market to meet the strict Washington State Assembly-Certified standard. Under the Assembly-Certified standard, every component of a safety shower must be certified by an OSHA-approved testing lab and the entire unit, as an assembly, must be certified.

Requirements for safety showers ensure your employees will be protected if they’re exposed to dangerous substances. ShieldSafe showers are the most tested safety showers on the market.

ShieldSafe safety showers have undergone stringent testing to ensure they meet the strictest safety standards.

When they’re needed, you can count on ShieldSafe safety showers delivering 20 gallons of water per minute for at least 15 minutes, to save an injured worker. They are made of the highest-quality materials, have been through the most rigorous safety testing and meet the strictest safety standards.