A U.S. refinery needed a 4,000-pound tank-fed shower to meet safety requirements. The problem was that a tank that size needs a foundation in order to meet seismic and wind-load regulations, and at this location digging a foundation would be dangerous and expensive, if not impossible. So ATS engineers got to work doing what they do best — thinking differently and solving customers’ problems.

Unique safety problems

There aren’t many refineries sitting in perfect locations, with temperate weather conditions and plenty of available potable water and power. Because the conditions aren’t perfect, the safety equipment needs to fit the unique circumstances.

Refineries need custom safety showers that will fit into smaller spaces; that can be updated and adapted; that don’t require foundations or potable water; that can withstand extreme cold or hot temperatures and even hurricane-force winds. They need solutions that fit situations where more than one person is injured, or when an injured worker needs assistance in a safety shower.

Generic, one-size-fits-all safety showers won’t solve the unique problems in refineries; they need custom equipment that meets the strictest safety regulations and that will perform perfectly in an emergency to give everyone peace of mind.

Experts in innovation

Engineers at ATS took the 4,000-pound tank problem and created an above-ground, reinforced foundation that meets seismic and wind-load requirements, not just in the U.S. but in 90 percent of worldwide sites. They’ve solved dozens of unique safety problems for customers, and have incorporated those solutions into the new ShieldSafe line of specialized safety showers. The result is revolutionary line of safety showers on the market.

There’s the FlexFit safety showers that live up to their name, fitting in spaces where traditional cubicle showers can’t go.

There’s the Fortress, designed after a refinery accident in which an injured worker needed help in the cubicle shower where there was only room for one. The Fortress is accessible from three directions and has room inside for several people to assist an injured worker. And it can be configured to assist more than one injured employee at a time.

There’s the Safety Rig, a mobile shower with patent-pending innovations including dual electric/pneumatic pump capability, waste water containment within the trailer frame, shop air pump capability, dressing area and more.

ATS also is pioneering safety-shower maintenance, offering bi-annual checkups, flushing to meet code, water stabilizing renewals for safe water and reasonable ANSI updates of equipment. Showers on this plan are completely owned and maintained by ATS.

Engineers at ATS are on the cutting-edge of the safety shower business, solving problems for customers and giving them custom safety showers and peace of mind.

Thinking differently, solving customers’ problems and incorporating those inventive solutions into a revolutionary line of safety showers is how ATS does business.