Acme company makes a one-size-fits-all safety shower for oil refineries. It’s selling pretty well, so Zenith company makes a few changes to the design, lowers the price a bit, and puts that on the market. Both products work well in regular conditions, but they don’t work well when the situation deviates from the normal protocol. Why? They are focused on competing with each other rather than solving their customers’ problems.

If your shower can’t fit it through your refinery’s door; if you need multiple doors and room for more than one person; or if you need a shower more durable for harsh weather, then ATS ShieldSafe showers may be an ideal solution for your unique environment.


There are many companies manufacturing safety showers for oil refineries. Any of these products will work fine if your refinery meets all requirements, such as easy to access locations with potable water, no exposure to extreme elements. But in the oil refinery business, you can’t count on perfect conditions or a perfect fit —you need a company that’s making something different, not another version of the same old design and the same old product.

Competitive Edge

On March 17, 2013, a worker at an oil refinery was injured in a chemicals accident. Emergency responders ran into problems because the refinery safety shower was only big enough for one person and they needed to be inside the cubicle to treat the victim. After the incident, refinery leaders contacted ATS.

ATS learned from that experience and now works directly with refinery safety officers and engineers to design safety shower solutions for environments where a generic, run-of-the-mill safety shower won’t work. The result is ShieldSafe, an innovative line of custom safety showers that is truly different.


ATS’s line of safety showers, ShieldSafe, is the result of being responsive to customers’ needs. ATS’s modular shower line, FlexFit, is a good example. It has custom, flexible safety shower feed systems and components that allow it to fit in unusual or unwieldy operations while still meeting all government requirements.

The Fortress model is another good example of innovation. A six-door shower with an extra-large cubicle has enough space inside for an accident victim and helpers or first-responders. It provides the ultimate care for accident victims.

If you need a shower that can move with your employees, then ATS’s Safety Rig is a good fit. This best-in-class mobile safety shower meets ANSI requirements, works where there’s no potable water, and can be purchased or rented.

ATS’s unique ShieldSafe line also includes enclosed safety showers, eyewashes, tank showers and plumbed combination shower/eyewashes. All of ATS’s ShieldSafe products are made with the customer in mind to solve problems at oil refineries.

Most safety shower manufacturers are developing products based on what their competitors are putting on the market. While these companies produce quality showers, they may not fit into the unique environment at your oil refinery. ATS has learned from refinery safety officers and engineers, and our innovative ShieldSafe line of specialized safety showers are built to fit your particular needs.